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Stop making videos every day or every week to grow your business | video marketing strategy 2021

video for business video marketing video tips Sep 09, 2021

If you’re making videos every day or every week, you’re wasting your time!

In this video (or read the blog below) you’ll learn about a proven and repeatable strategy that actually gets you results.

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Your Video Marketing Strategy 2021

The biggest mistake most people make is thinking they need to create video content every day or every week.

And I get it - a lot of experts and gurus are telling you to do this, but actually creating videos every week is the fastest way to burn out. Especially if you’re flying solo in your business or are a parent entrepreneur like me.

Maybe that’s already you, you’ve been trying to be consistent to keep up with the constant consumption of content people want and you’re done.

That was me when I started!

So how do successful solopreneurs do it? How do they grow their business without sacrificing all their freedom and working 80 hour weeks?

Well consistency is key - but consistency does not mean hustle to make a video every week, or even having videos going out every day or week.

What consistency does mean however is a high impact strategy created in advance.

So if you’re launching a digital product or service for example, you would craft a series of videos that were specifically designed to give you the most reach and impact leading to that launch, and you create them all in one go.

Then during the weeks leading up to your launch you release those videos, and then you get to work on other areas of your business that need attention or get back to doing more things you love - for me that’s surfing or being with my kids.

When you do this, you take away the hustle and burn out, you take away the frustration of creating content that does get you reach or impact. And you’re using a streamlined process that is repeatable and gets you results.

So do you want to continue hustling to create videos every week that don’t get you results and just leave you burnt out? Or do you want to create videos that grow your reach, impact and revenue WITHOUT sacrificing all your freedom to become the profitable video creating solopreneur or coach?

If that’s you, then you’re going to want to join the waitlist for my signature program The Video Success Framework.



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