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Frankie J presents

The complete video course you need to propel your business online... using only your phone!


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Created for the
"frustrated with video" solopreneur or coach who...

wants the fastest, most effective way to grow their reach, impact and revenue online.

  • You've tried making videos but are frustrated you don’t get engagement or generate leads
  • You don't know what to say in videos to keep people watching
  • You want to produce better quality videos but not sure how
  • You're unfocused in your video creation with no real plan
  • You want to be more comfortable and confident on camera
  • You're time poor with no team and find videos take too much time




  • Creating and using video that actually reaches and engages their ideal clients
  • Doubling your email list and growing your social channels
  • Having confidence your video will generate leads and sales without having to ‘be’ there.
  • Fast tracking the video creation process so they have more time for their business and life (even without a team)



You get EASY TO FOLLOW PROCESSES AND GUIDES so you can make videos easily that actually speak to and engage your audience - WHETHER YOU WANT TO BE ON CAMERA OR NOT. 

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"Video can seem really intimidating, but Francesca truly makes it fun and easy to understand. Her step-by-step guides allowed me to work on my videos side-by-side with her tutorials. I can't wait to do more!"

Alyson Garrido, Career Coach

"Once I enrolled in Francesca's course I was so inspired...I just ran with it. That content covered everything I needed to know and I just felt so comfortable. I'm super grateful I took this course."

Jen Weatherly, UX Designer & Photographer

"Best thing I ever did was to join Francesca's program.

Straight away I could see straight forward steps that took me from being a complete beginner who was scared in front of a camera, to producing my first proper video for Social Media in no time. 

And I actually have formed a content plan for the month based on what I've learned.

Ray Simpson Total Fitness Training

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