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Freedom to SUCCEED with video

In this on-demand workshop you will eliminate your blocks around creating & using video .... FOR GOOD!

If you're a Solopreneur or Coach who has been hesitant to start using video, afraid of putting yourself on camera/on social media, or has tried and are not seeing the results you want, this workshop is for you!



Reels to Results

This Bootcamp you'll learn how to 10X YOUR REACH & ENGAGEMENT on Instagram using Reels... without dancing or pointing!

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Easy Video Course Creation Membership

Ready to generate MORE INCOME and FREEDOM with an online course? 

This is the clear path to EASILY creating, launching & selling your PROFITABLE online course, again and again!... Without the overwhelm & confusion 🚀 


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Map out your first, or next, 5-figure online course

Don't want the whole course creation training above and just want to make sure you create a course that will sell?

Your instant access to pitch-free training that get results.

This 5-part online course creation training takes your idea and turns it into a completely mapped out course, ready for you to create and launch in just 4 days.


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Sometimes you need to work on 1-1 on specific issues to get results. 
This could be: 
  • mindset/fears around creating and using video
  • video creation
  • video strategy
  • course creation strategy
Find a time in my calendar using the link below to set up a quick initial chat about what you want to achieve, and if I'm a right fit for you we'll take it from there.
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IN PERSON Smartphone Course

If you're in New Zealand and you or your team would like to work with me in-person to learn how to use your smartphone to create videos and use them in communications and marketing I'm available to come to your place of business. 
You can see more details for this on my agency website: Get Ahead Media. 
Go to Get Ahead Media page for more details

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