5 Step Framework to
Create & Launch

your profitable online video course


without the tech overwhelm or frustration of creating something no one buys.

I want in on this training!

If you're a solopreneur or coach who wants to create an online course, BUT all the moving parts leave your feeling overwhelmed and stuck...



In This Free Training You Will Learn:

The 3 things that ALL successful course creators do BEFORE they launch (and how to avoid the pitfalls of NOT doing them)

My signature 5-step framework for developing an online course that sells from the start.

 The VITAL step to take AFTER your course launch that most people skip (and costs them time, money, and results in their second, third, or fourth launch)

PLUS, walk away with essential bonuses to help you create launch course before the year ends!

I'm ready to start creating and launching my course
Hosted by:
Frankie J  |  Video Strategist & Online Course Coach

Entrepreneurs and coaches hire me so they can create an online video course with ease, that is sold before they create the content.

Because most are overwhelmed by the process and technology of taking an idea and turning it into something that actually makes them money. Not to mention, many have already tried and failed, or fear the launching process.

So since 2018, I've been helping people just like you to create and launch their own profitable online video course, and the confidence to relaunch and scale it to achieve financial freedom.

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