5-Part Online Course Creation Training

Map Out Your First, or Next, 5-Figure Online Course

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Yes, I want to map out my 5-figure course

Don't make the same mistake as so many entrepreneurs and biz owners when creating a course...

running off with a half-baked idea and filming course videos, WITHOUT a complete outline of EXACTLY what it will look like and how it will get your students RESULTS! 
(so they actually buy your course) 


What would it be worth for you to skip the frustration of putting effort into a course, only to have it fall flat!

This training will 
take your idea and turn it into a completely mapped out course, 
ready for you to create and launch in just 4 days.


This product is a recording of the complete Map Out Your Online Course Challenge, where each day students just like you learned exactly how to take their idea and turn it into a digital product people will actually buy!


What's included:

  • Lesson 1: Developing the right offer to put in front of your audience and craft the promise of your course so you set your students up to succeed
  • Lesson 2: Outlining your Core Modules
  • Lesson 3: Designing the right actionable Lessons for each module
  • Lesson 4: Naming your course and creating the perfect bonuses that get your buyers off the fence
  • Lesson 5: The 8 essential tools you need to get your course finished  

This training includes:

Easy to follow, actionable training

5 easy to follow video lessons (15-20mins each) with actionable step-by-step training from start to finish on how to map out your online course.



Printable PDF

A complete PDF of each training step for you to print, review, and take notes.


24/7 Lifetime Access

Use this training over and over again to map out all your online courses, with 24/7 Lifetime access.

I'm ready to map out my 5-figure online course ($67USD)

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Who am I?

Hey! I'm Frankie...  

And I work with course creators / wannabe course creators so they can easily create awesome video-based online courses that are sold before even filming a single video.  

My students experience the clarity of how to structure their course through to EASILY creating the right videos for inside that produces happy students, WITHOUT TECH OVERWHELM.  

They also learn how to create and use video to SUCCESSFULLY LAUNCH THEIR COURSE and MAKE SALES.  

UNLIKE MANY WHO TEACH COURSE CREATION I focus on cost-effective video creation and use so you can quickly produce content that creates action-taking and happy students (so you get testimonials that sell your course over again) and to save money doing it without compromising on quality.

The moment you join you'll...  

  • Get INSTANT 24/7 access to the membership site
  • Have a complete start to finish training on how to map out your online course
  • Use the training over and over again to map out all your online courses going forward