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Buying video gear is the last thing you should do to make effective videos as a solopreneur or coach

android video iphone video smartphone video video gear video marketing Sep 23, 2021

There is a misconception that better video gear will help you make videos that stand out and get results.

BUT I see lots of soloprenuers and coaches out there putting out tonnes of content having used DSLRs, lighting kits and microphone and yet they still struggle to grow their reach and revenue online.

So let me ask you, when Gary Vee films content on his phone why does it still get 10s of thousands of views? No it’s not just because he’s well known.

Gary, and other profitable video creating solopreneurs and coaches know that it isn’t the gear that makes a video effective.

So how do you create effective videos? It’s the message that video contains, delivered in a specific way that grabs and holds attention, not the fancy effects. And in fact, the gear can actually slow you down when making videos.

In pillar 2 of my program the video success framework, which is all about creating a powerful message, clarifies exactly how to do this.

And there are three main components.

The first is Identifying your audience. Now I don’t mean write a 10 page avatar document about Sally, a Personal trainer, aged…. Blah blah blah. But it’s about knowing some key elements of their identity, values and goals that make up your right audience.

Then you need to come up with the right video ideas for that specific audience depending on their stage of the journey (are they strangers, fans, past clients).

Then obviously scripting those videos, and here a free guide with the 5 key elements your script needs to have and in what order to get results. So make sure you download that!

So let me ask you, are you going to be spending all your money on the ‘right’ or ‘fancy’ gear, creating videos that look great but don’t really get you any further ahead, or are you going to invest in learning to create creating effective videos with what you already have!

I know which one gets me more traction in my business and the solopreneurs and coaches I help.

So if you want to learn more about creating videos easily, check out my 10 steps to creating professional videos using your phone guides listed below, and start creating better videos without spending money on gear.

Free guides: Make professional videos using your phone
Android guide
iPhone guide

****GEAR I USE****
iPhone11 Pro Max

Movo LV1 microphone
iRig Condenser mic
Tripod and mount
Lighting kit
Other lighting

See more gear I use and recommend

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