How to get more views on Instagram consistently

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Ready to get more views on Instagram, consistently?

This video and blog focuses on harnessing the power of Reels to 10X your reach on Instagram.

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So how do you get more views on your Instagram videos?

You’re about to learn how to get more views on Instagram consistently, which is a part of Pillar 3 in my “Video Success Framework” - The Tech that’s all about knowing how to create and use video fast & effectively on your chosen platform - in this case Instagram.

And it is incredibly important because most people Frustrated with Video Solopreneurs or Coaches think is merely putting up a video on Instagram will get them views (because that’s what the algorithm wants - more videos) and when they do that and don’t see the results they want, they start to think video doesn’t work, and that may be exactly what you’re doing.

So Let’s change that now!

Step one is you have to think of instagram in three parts. Stories, IGTV & Reels - each have their place in a video marketing strategy, and at any given time, Instagram is often focussing its attention on one more than the other.

So right now it’s Reels! So let’s talk about that as it’s going to get you the best bang for your buck so to speak.

So thinking about Reels, you need to consider what types of videos you want to create and how they will grow your reach, impact and revenue for your business. And this doesn’t just mean singing to your favourite song - though this is an effective video form to use on Reels if you can get over your own embarrassment, your messaging (so knowing what your audience wants) is still important. When you have this dialed in you can create 15-sec videos that get you 10 X the views you’re typically getting on your Instagram or IGTV videos. 

Step two create videos specific for Reels inside of Instagram - not just recycling other video content. Instagram Reels knows if you’ve used their video creation and editing tools or not (and if the Tik Tok logo is still on your video).

And they want people to create original content and prioritise that, so make sure you’re using the tools it give you to use.

You just learned how to get more views on Instagram using reels, so you can ultimately grow your reach, impact and revenue online, BUT it doesn’t do you any good if just jump over to Reels now without a little more of a plan.

So if you want to learn my secrets to the types of videos I use click the link below and download my free guide: 3 types of Instagram Reels to 10x your reach


****GEAR I USE****
iPhone11 Pro Max

Movo LV1 microphone
iRig Condenser mic
Tripod and mount
Lighting kit
Other lighting

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