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How to attract clients to your business with ease using video

video for business video marketing Aug 26, 2021

Want to learn how to attract clients to your business with ease using video.

In this video and blog, you’re going to learn the key element you’re missing, and why you haven’t nailed it yet.

Links mentioned in this video👇: 5 Key Elements your video needs -

Ready to learn how to attract clients to your business using video

Firstly, you need to be attracting the right audience.

But how do you know who your right audience is, and why haven’t you managed to nail that yet (because if you had you wouldn't hear crickets when you post a video, right).

When I started I went from helping everyone who has a business online, to a smaller selection of freelance comms & marketers, business owners, and journalists and although I was getting sales, the more I invested in understanding who my audience is ‘frustrated with video solopreneuers and coaches with a digital business, the more I was able to speak directly to them.

So forget made up avatars, as a solopreneur or coach there is one thing you need to focus on.

Who WERE you when you started your business? Because chances are you WERE who your audience is NOW.

What were you struggling with, what were you craving to achieve?

Once you are clear on all the aspects that make up that past you, you’ll notice a huge difference in the way you’re able to connect and attract your ideal customers.

BUT it doesn’t do you any good if you’re not creating videos that are structured to actually grab attention and resonate with your audience. So if you want to learn my secrets to how to structure a video so it does resonate download this free guide - 5 key elements your video needs.


****GEAR I USE****
iPhone11 Pro Max

Movo LV1 microphone
iRig Condenser mic
Tripod and mount
Lighting kit
Other lighting

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