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How Videos Boost Your Marketing Game

android video iphone video smartphone video strategy video for business video marketing video strategy Sep 01, 2023

In this tech-savvy era where Reels and TikToks dominate our screens, online businesses are upping their game using videos. Ever wondered why? Videos are like magnets; they draw people in! Let's break down how you can use videos catch your attention and make your audience fall in love with what they sell.


First Things First: What’s a Marketing Funnel?

Picture this: a slide at the park, crowded at the top but only letting one person slide down at a time. This slide represents the customer's journey with a brand, from the initial "Hey! Look at this!" to the "I totally need this in my life!" moment.

So let’s dive into what each stage looks like. 


Awareness Stage: Making that First Impression Count

This is the introduction, the spotlight moment!

Video Ads: Think of these as movie trailers. Quick and captivating and designed to grab your attention and leave a memorable impact. They're a business's way of saying, "Look at what we've got!” 

By crafting compelling hooks and delivering a clear, concise brand message, businesses can effectively capture attention and pique curiosity. These video ads, strategically placed on various platforms and channels, amplify brand visibility and generate interest among potential customers.

Organic Content: Moving beyond just ads, this is the content that genuinely connects. It could be a fun tutorial, an inside look into an industry, or even a quirky take on a trending topic. It's all about bonding with the audience.


Consideration Stage: Deep Dive into the Brand

They’ve noticed you. Now, what's next?

Inspirational and entertaining content: This is the content that makes your audience learn more about you while also leaving them with a feeling of joy or motivation to take action.

Educational Content: Here, you can drop knowledge in an engaging way. Maybe it's a tutorial or a deep dive into a hot topic. It’s all about making you think, "Wow, they really know their stuff!”

Product Videos: Kind of like unboxing or demo videos. They showcase a product, highlighting what's so cool about it. It gives you a clear view of what your audience potentially getting. It doesn’t have to be a physical product, but anything you’re selling (services, or digital products). 


Decision Stage: The Almost-There Moment

They’re on the fence, thinking of buying but needing that last nudge.

Personalized Messages: These are crafted just for you. It's like the brand reaching out personally, addressing any final thoughts or reservations you might have.

Video Case Studies: Real stories from real people. Think of them as testimonies or reviews that show you the genuine experience of others with the product.


After the Purchase: The Journey Continues

The sale might be done, but the conversation isn't.

Support Videos: Ever bought something and then thought, "How does this work?" Or “I wish I wasn’t alone in this”. These videos are the your way of ensuring your audience enjoy what they bought, guiding you through any challenges.


Refining the Video Game with Data

You should always be looking to level up. Here’s where you track which videos were loved, which ones might've been skipped, and then brainstorm on crafting even better content next time.

There you have it! Videos aren’t just fun distractions. They're tools, stories, and guides, all rolled into one. They help you connect, communicate, and, ultimately, make sure your audience have an amazing experience with you. ๐ŸŽฅ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ“ˆ





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