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How to create videos for your online course

online course creation video course creation video tips Oct 11, 2021

I'm jazzed that you're keen to get started creating an online video course because video is one of the most powerful ways to deliver your course content (as well as a lot of fun to create)!

So let's get right to it.

Step 1: Types of videos

Figure out what types of videos are best for your course, and what’s going to work best for your students.

Generally there are 3 types:

  1. screenshare videos,
  2. you on camera showing or explain how to do something,
  3. a presentation with slides.

Step 2: Script them.

Even if you don’t like the structure of a script I really recommend it (or at the very least 'a plan').

Sometimes you can get away with a bit of fluff in a social video but people are paying to learn something and they want the fastest way to do that. So structure your content so it is as succinct as possible.

Step 3: Use your phone or computer to film.

If you’re doing screenshares or presentations all you need is your computer with screen recording software like Quicktime or Screencast-o-matic and a good microphone.

I recommend the Blue snowball for its quality and price. If you appear on camera, at the bare minimum all you need is your phone, a light source and a microphone.

Step 4: Editing is key.

You want to cut out the fluff and mistakes, add captions where necessary, and really polish your videos so they represent you and your course well and get your students through the content quickly.

Some great editing apps are:

Adobe Rush for PC & Mac

iMovie for Mac and iPhones

This is just a quick high-level view of what you need to do and some tools you can use to do it.