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best video editing apps for iPhone

The best video editing apps for iPhone [VIDEO]

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When it comes to editing video on your iPhone there are so many apps available. So let's no overwhelm you and stick to what I think are the easiest to use, fastest to produce video, or the best for editing your masterpiece.

 As the name suggests this app is all about creating videos fast!
BEST FEATURE: It does the hard work for you and all you do is add videos or photos to a predesigned template.
But because this app does the work for you it leaves you with little control, but you can make some tweaks - clip trims, video duration, titles, and filters.
TO NOTE: The music supplied in the app is copyrighted, but when posting using the app you're covered. If you choose to post your video elsewhere you may get pulled up (such as on Facebook). You can change the music that's automatically added your video with one of your own.
SPARK (Free)
Kick your video skills up a notch while still keeping it simple with this easy to use app.
There are a variety of templates to choose from which you can add your photos or videos into, a voicer over, titles and music and you're pretty much done (as seen in the photo above).
You do have some control in tweaking the layout of visuals, length of clips and volume controls.
BEST FEATURE: The ability to search for Creative Commons licensed photos online to add to your video. This means if you don't have time to make your own content you can still make videos. (Videos must already be on your device).
TO NOTE: The app generates a end slide which reads Made with Adobe Spark Video and lists the website URL. You can't remove this unless you are a Creative Cloud subscriber.
CLIPS (Free)
A great app for creating short and fun clips for your social media channels.
You can use it to record videos and photos directly into the app, or import videos and photos you've create previously. However all content will be formatted to a square.
Because this is designed for social videos you have fun features like adding clip art and pre designed title slates. These features can be added while you're filming or during editing.
You don't have a lot of control but you can trim and reorder clips, add music and a voiceover.
BEST FEATURE: This app can create on-screen captions while you're speaking (just make sure you speak clearly).
This powerful app should already be on your phone (June 2014 or newer) and is very similar to the desktop version. It makes is really easy to splice together photos and videos but also gives you control over how you want your video to look and sound.
You can add titles, music, voiceovers, photos (with preset movements that you can tweak to make it more interesting), and filters to name a few.
BEST FEATURE: Many to choose from but split screen options allow you to easily do picture-and-picture or two clips side by side. Another is the ability to add different speeds to one clip (fast, to slow, to normal speed).
It also have a variety of templates to choose from so you can add a bit more flare to your video.
I used this app to edit my very first short film entirely created on a phone below:
The best editing app for your iPhone or iPad in my opinion, for price and functionality, and what I use for the majority of the videos I create on my phone.
If you really want to get serious making videos, then LumaFusion is for you. It takes all the elements of iMovie and adds many more advanced features.
This incredibly powerful app includes multi-track editing (three audio, three video) with realtime preview, animation, effects and transitions, and colour grading for when you don't quite get it right when filming or want to give your video a different look.
BEST FEATURE: There are so many to choose from but the ability to create your own titles means you can have your videos consistently branded with your colours or logo. These titles can be saved as a template so they can be easily added to future videos.
It’s the closest you’ll get to desktop-style video-editing app on your iPad or iPhone.