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iPhone vs DSLR - which is faster at making videos [VIDEO]

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Many people have both a DSLR and a phone these days, but which one should you use to create your videos?

Through my filmmaking career I've gone from studio cameras, to DSLRs to an iPhone. While I still use my DSLR, 90% of my videos are created entirely on my iPhone 6s (filming and editing).

It always felt easier and faster to create videos on my phone but I wanted to know how much faster? So I put each process to the test in the video below.

So after testing each process Here are my top three reasons why making videos on your phone is easier than on a DSLR.

1. Quicker set up: If you're capturing a video on the fly it's no surprise that it's faster to pull a phone out of your pocket and use a quick launch to access the camera, than it is for you to pull a DSLR out of a bag, turn it on and turn it to video mode (if it wasn't already).

If you're spending more time setting up a tripod, microphone, and maybe a light. I still found that using my phone was faster than my DSLR (if only just).

2. Similar quality: Depending on the DSLR you have and the situation you're filming, you can probably shoot in similar, or sometimes better, quality on your phone. Check out the video comparison between a Panasonic FZ1000 and an iPhone 7 by Science Studio.

3. Editing anywhere, anytime: This is where time really is a factor. You no longer have to wait for your files to transfer and be confined to a computer when editing. Editing on your phone means you can start editing immediately after filming, anywhere at anytime. On location (where you shot the video), in between meetings, outside somewhere soaking in the sun, the middle of the night (if you can't sleep) from bed - whenever it fits your schedule.
If you want to get started filming professional videos on your phone then I recommend my free ebook to get your started. It will take you through the process of understanding how to film high-quality videos with your iPhone or Android.

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