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5 mistakes to avoid when making videos for their business

5 mistakes to avoid when making videos for your business

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Making a video is easy - everyone’s doing it so anyone can right? Well you're half right - anyone can do it, once they know how.

So here are some of the common mistakes people want to make videos for their business.


Videos don’t need to be complex or full of fancy effects to be effective. To get started all you need is a phone (or DSLR), and little know how. Start small, but the best advice is to get started.

Here's a video on three steps to help you get started:


On the flip side, while video can be easy, it's not just a matter of picking up your phone or DSLR and pressing record. You need to know what makes a good video, how to talk to your audience, and how to use your camera and editing software.

This video will outline a few of the things you're missing when creating your videos:


The fact that you put a video online does not mean it will be watched by millions.

Cute kittens, heartwarming stories, hilarious antics, epic fails - people love watching these types of videos but are these relevant to your business? Probably not.

Besides, “going viral” shouldn’t necessarily be your goal. Better to have views from a small engaged audience than one million random people who will likely never visit your channel again.


This is probably the biggest mistake I see people make. Planning is one of the most important aspects of creating a video. You shouldn't just jump on camera and wing it - especially when starting out. There are a few key things you need to think about:

1. What is your video about (what is the purpose)?

2. How will you communicate in your video (script, music, pictures, video)?

3. How will you get it to your audience (website, social media, youtube)?

If you spend the time planning your video properly it will make filming and editing your video much quicker and easier, and it will help your audience better follow what you're trying to communicate to them.

This free guide will help you structure a video so it actually grabs attention and keeps your viewer engaged.


People often make the mistake of making one video, then not making another one for a while. In order for video to be effective in growing your reach and business you need to be making them regularly. 

This video explains why:


To learn how to film professional videos using just your phone check out one of the following guides:

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