Who is Frankie?

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Your business should allow you to follow your passions...

if it doesn't, how can we change that? For me, I'm passionate about watching my client's progress, spending more quality time with my family, and clocking hours on my surfboard.

I've organised my business to provide me these opportunities, while using video as my primary marketing tool. 

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Books that have helped me

The Joy of Finding Fish


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Dollars Flow To Me Easily


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Profit First


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Daily Helpful Tools I Use 

90x Goal Planner


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The Gratitude Journal


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What others say

Alyson, Career Coach

Video can seem really intimidating, but Frankie truly makes it fun and easy to understand. Her step-by-step guides allowed me to work on my videos side-by-side with her tutorials. I can't wait to do more!  

Frankie is generous with time and feedback in her Facebook groups and provides tremendous value. I highly recommend her and her course!  

Rose, Living Life Rosie

Frankie you are such an awesome teacher and make it so easy! 

Ray, Total Fitness Training

Frankie's program took me from being a complete beginner who was scared in front of a camera, to producing my first proper video for Social Media in no time. 

Best thing I ever did was to join Frankie's Get Ahead with Smartphone Video. Thank you!

I want to work with you!

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